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Built-in rotary switch

These days, device switches need to meet the highest standards. Compact design, modest overall height, thermal resilience, practical mix of materials, long service life and the reliability of electromechanical components are the most important factors.

Device switches from Bernhardt & Schulte are an innovative response to these requirements. When we encounter unusual customer requirements, we are happy to produce equally unusual solutions.



Through our own tool making, we develop, design and realize your ideas.


In case of special regulations or market changes, we are able to quickly intervene in the production process.

Quality assurance

Individualised hardware and software testing systems ensure the quality of every single product.

Kunststoffteile für elektrische und elektronische Haushaltsgeräte
Precise, reliable, safe

What are rotary switches?

A rotary switch is an electrical switch that is operated by turning it. It can be used to control different types of
electrical circuits, such as switching devices on and off, changing speeds, or selecting different operating modes.

Built-in rotary switches are used in a wide variety of applications, including electrical, automotive, aerospace, and industrial control. They provide a simple and reliable way to control and adjust electrical circuits and devices.

One twist, thousend options

How do rotary switches work?

By turning the axis of the rotary switch, the so-called ‘cams’ are moved, which are responsible for the switching of the contacts. Each cam has a unique shape that fits onto the respective switching contact. When a cam reaches the switch contact, it pushes it to a certain position, changing the circuit of the switch.

Depending on the number of cams and contacts, the rotary switch can have different switching positions, which affect the circuit of the switch in different ways.

The function of a rotary switch depends on its design and use. Some rotary switches can be used, for example, to control electrical signals, such as volume, brightness, speed or temperature. Other rotary switches can be used to control electrical devices or machines, by activating or deactivating the circuit.

Individual application options

Our rotary switches series

We offer many different series of rotary switches, with different specifications and for various applications.

Rotary switches from B&S solve many tasks in the electrical and electronic industry. Compact design, modest installation dimensions, a large number of contacts, as wide variety of circuits, extensive coupling options and connections to PCBs – these are just some of the advantages our series-built products offer „as standard“.

Units that leave our factory are fully assembled and tested. Naturally, they are also safely packaged.

The right solution for every customer requirement

Assemblies & Switching systems

As a rule, assemblies and switching systems work closely together, as assemblies are often a part of a control system. For example, a switching system might include an assembly such as a printed circuit board on which specific circuits are executed to perform a particular function. however, the switching system as a whole may also include other components, such as switches and relays, that are specifically designed to perform certain functions.

Bernhardt & Schulte’s switching systems and assemblies are designed and manufactured individually, according to precise customer requirements. The completely assembled and tested units are then available to the customer in secure packaging.

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Customized hardware and software testing systems

Quality control of the rotary switches

A company that achieves the highest standards in production must be just as ambitious when it comes to quality assurance. In order to test every mold and every assembly to the best possible standard, Bernhardt & Schulte develops devices and software for pending tests both in-house and, of course, in close cooperation with clients.

Among other things, we use a coordinate measurement machine, profile projectors, length measurement devices, pressure and traction measurements and torque measurements.

We conduct tests while production is ongoing, working with a CAQ system, with EmpBs according to the VDA, IMDS and quality molds. As requested, technical and visual tests are carried out as random checks or using 100% testing. Special workstations have been set up for this purpose on which the electrical functions can be tested.

Custom plastic injection molding

Our plastic injection molding service

From prototype to production, we at Bernhardt & Schulte are the sole contact for your serial production using plastic injection molding. Our in-house tool manufacturing enables us to intervene in production processes as quickly as possible.

Technische Kunststoffformteile

For required complex functions, B&S produces technical plastic molded parts using the injection molding process for every industrial sector.


Individual switching systems in line with customer requirements provide us with the opportunity to prove our capabilities in the electrical and electronics industry.

Umspritzen von Einlegeteilen

With B&S injection molding technology, inserts can be reliably overmolded around complex components with thermoset or thermoplastic.

Werkzeugbau im Kunststoffspritzguss

We manufacture high-quality and custom molds for your field of application. You will benefit from B&S many years of expertise.