Custom production of molded plastic parts

Plastic injection molding

B&S – Decades of excellence in plastic injection molding.


Through our own mold construction, we develop, design and realize your ideas.


In case of special regulations or market changes, we are able to quickly intervene in the production process.

Quality assurance

Individualised hardware and software testing systems ensure the quality of every single product.

Bernhardt & Schulte as a reliable partner

Development, construction and production of precise plastic parts

For more than a century, Bernhardt & Schulte as an owner-managed family business has stood for quality and reliability in the field of plastics processing.

All injection molded components are produced at our facility in Meinerzhagen Germany.

Precise plastic parts for your project

What is plastic injection molding?

Discover the efficient path to precise and complex designed plastic products through plastic injection molding.

Maschinenpark Kunststoffspritzguss

In the first step, the plastic granulate will be filled into a funnel. The screw pulls the granulate out of the hopper and melts it. The material plasticises due to the heated screw barrels. The material then moves through the screw into the front part of the cylinder, where it subsequently collects behind the nozzle.

As soon as the mold is closed, the tip of the screw moves in front of the mold nozzle. The compound is then injected into the mold under pressure.

Due to cooling, the mass in the mold shrinks. In order to compensate for the shrinkage of the material, a pressure is maintained. The cushion of material remaining in front of the screw tip can thus flow into the mold. This process can avoid defects such as sink marks and blowholes.The molding compound is then cooled (thermoplastics) or heated (thermosets) in the mold.

At the end of the selected cooling or heating time, the mold is opened and the molded part is removed or ejected. At the same time, the melt for the next cycle is already being generated in the metering unit.

Automated injection molding at B&S

How does injection molding work?

The plastic injection molding process begins with the melting of the plastic into a liquid mold. This is done at Bernhardt & Schulte with a large cylinder and a screw system.

Once the plastic has melted, it is injected at high pressure into the desired mold. After the mold is cooled down, the plastic solidifies into the desired shape. The finished molded part is then ejected.

Custom plastic injection molding

Our plastic injection molding service

From prototype to production, we at Bernhardt & Schulte are the sole contact for your serial production using plastic injection molding. Our in-house mold construction enables us to intervene in production processes as quickly as possible.

Technische Kunststoffformteile

For required complex functions, B&S produces technical plastic molded parts using the injection molding process for every industrial sector.


Individual switching systems in line with customer requirements provide us with the opportunity to prove our capabilities in the electrical and electronics industry.

Umspritzen von Einlegeteilen

With B&S injection molding technology, inserts can be reliably overmolded around complex components with thermoset or thermoplastic.

Werkzeugbau im Kunststoffspritzguss

We manufacture high-quality and custom molds for your field of application. You will benefit from B&S many years of expertise.

Limitless possibilities

Production Showcases

Get a detailed insight into the quality and precision of our work and discover the variety of possibilities in the field of plastic injection molding.

Plastic injection molding materials

Which plastics are suitable for injection molding?

A wide range of thermosets, thermoplastics and elastomers are suitable for plastic injection molding. At Bernhardt & Schulte, we focus primarily on plastic injection molding with thermosets and thermoplastics.



Custom plastic injection molding

Plastic molded parts for a wide range of industries

High precision plastic parts are used in almost every branch of industry. Our qualified team of developers, engineers, designers and technicians look forward to every new challenge. We aim to prove that we are among the best. Every day, with every product and in every task.

Kunststoffteile für elektrische und elektronische Haushaltsgeräte

Electrical industry



individueller Werkzeugbau

Custom mold manufacturing

Hybrid components

Combination of thermosets and thermoplastics

We have developed a more advanced process in which thermoset components can be overmolded with thermoplastic. This produces extremely robust and dimensionally stable components with a temperature-resistant shell.

The production line we co-developed consists of an 8-cavity mold, an 8-cavity hot runner manifold and a fully automatic assembly line. On it, we manufacture switch covers for starter relays, among other things. These are used in start-stop starters in passenger cars and reduce CO2 emissions.

e-Spezial Spritzgießmaschine
Customized hardware and software testing systems

Quality control of the plastic injection molded parts

In order to be able to optimally test every plastic molded part and every assembly, Bernhardt & Schulte develops devices and software for upcoming testing tasks in-house and, of course, in close coordination with the clients.

Management system

We are certified

Products that carry our name really work. That‘s because they
are innovative, safe to work with and long-lasting. They are
tested for the highest quality. This is the yardstick by which
we measure ourselves. We are happy to provide evidence of
this with:

DIN EN-ISO 9001 certification