On a successful trajectory for decades

Since it was founded in 1919, Bernhardt & Schulte GmbH & Co. KG has always been an owner-managed family company. Switch construction has been the focus of our work from the outset. The resulting range of manufacturing activities enables us to respond to changes in the market with the latest production processes. From the production of device switches for domestic devices and injection molding with thermosets and thermoplastics to switches with up to 26 contacts – RoHS-compliant and cadmium-free – products from B&S meet the highest standards. We develop, design and produce precision plastic parts and the molds these require to the highest quality standard. From the initial concept and assembly to complex follow-up processing, Bernhardt & Schulte is a problem-solver for the injection molding of even the most complex molded parts. Products that carry our name really work. That‘s because they are innovative, safe to work with and long-lasting. They are tested for the highest quality. This is the yardstick by which we measure ourselves. We are happy to provide evidence of this with: