Individual thermoset solutions

Thermoset processing

Thanks to many years of experience in thermoset processing, we are able to offer you customized solutions. We have the necessary know-how and equipment for thermoset injection molding.

From well-known corporations to small and medium-sized companies from a wide range of industries – we manufacture your thermoset molded parts with high precision and quality.


We take care of the complete implementation of your ideas - starting with the conception to the planning to the production of the thermoset moulded parts.

Flexibility and short ways

Our fast reaction time to special regulations and market changes enables us to optimise your production process.

Quality assurance

Individualised hardware and software testing systems ensure the quality of every single product.

Thermoset injection moulding

Manufacture your thermoset mouldings cost-effectively

With the optimum production conditions and the know-how of B&S, you benefit from a cost-effective method of producing a large number of plastic mouldings from thermoset. The material is melted at very high temperatures and then injected into the desired shape.

The result is thermoset mouldings of the highest quality in appearance and design for demanding applications. We manufacture articles up to an injection weight of 540 grams based on PS from all commercially available thermosets.

Precise plastic parts for your project

Advantages of thermoset

Thermoset is an incredibly lightweight material that can replace metal in particular in production. It is not only thermostable and dimensionally stable, but also inexpensive. By eliminating the need to rework thermoset, you also save yourself further costs.

Temperature resistant

The resistance of the thermoset moulded parts at high temperatures ensures a long service life.

Dimensionally stable

Thermoset molding parts are the ideal substitute for metal components because they cannot be deformed once they are hardened.

High dimensional accuracy

Due to the resistance to external influences, your moulded parts permanently retain their original shape.

Chemical resistant

Chemical resistance opens up new application possibilities in a wide range of industries

Attractive price

Benefit from low raw material prices and attractive processing costs when using thermoset.

Weight saving

Due to the low weight of thermoset compared to metal, molding parts can be produced that are lighter while maintaining the same dimensional stability.

No rework

Mit dem Einspritzen des Duroplasts in die gewünschte Form vereinfachen wir Ihren Herstellungsprozess und eliminieren die Notwendigkeit für zusätzliche Arbeit.

Insert Molding

Through the combination of thermoset and inserts, we open up numerous innovative solutions for different areas of application for you

Wide range of applications

Thermoset parts

Bernhardt & Schulte ist der perfekte Partner für die Serienfertigung Ihrer Kunststoffteile aus Duroplast. Wir sind innovativ, flexibel und setzen Ihre Ideen um. Mit unserer praktischen Erfahrung in der Verarbeitung von Duroplasformteilen und dem dazugehörigen technischen Wissen sind wir die ideale Wahl für Ihr nächstes Projekt in der Duroplastverarbeitung.




Switch cover


Driver disc




brush holders


Winding carrier

Customized hardware and software testing systems

Quality control of the thermoset parts

A company that achieves the highest standards in production must be just as ambitious when it comes to quality assurance. In order to test every mold and every assembly to the best possible standard, Bernhardt & Schulte develops devices and software for pending tests both in-house and, of course, in close cooperation with clients. Among other things, we use a coordinate measurement machine, profile projectors, length measurement devices, pressure and traction measurements and torque measurements. We conduct tests while production is ongoing, working with a CAQ system, with EmpBs according to the VDA, IMDS and quality molds. As requested, technical and visual tests are carried out as random checks or using 100% testing. Special workstations have been set up for this purpose on which the electrical functions can be tested.

Insert molding of inserts with thermosets

We overmold your inserts

At B&S, we use the process of insert molding with thermoset to create a dimensionally stable casing for your components. During the insert molding process, our trained employees ensure that the positioning of your insert matches the tool exactly. The combination of plastic and inserts results in numerous hybrid components with a temperature-resistant shell.

Umspritzen von Einlegeteilen
Thermoset processing

Thermosets parts for a wide range of industries

Our high-quality Duroplast molding parts solve problems in various industries such as the electrical and automotive industries. Through our constant involvement in both industries, we have the necessary expertise and equipment for your next project.

Custom plastic injection molding

Our plastic injection molding service

From prototype to production, we at Bernhardt & Schulte are the sole contact for your serial production using plastic injection molding. Our in-house mold construction enables us to intervene in production processes as quickly as possible.

Technische Kunststoffformteile

For required complex functions, B&S produces technical plastic molded parts using the injection molding process for every industrial sector.


Individual switching systems in line with customer requirements provide us with the opportunity to prove our capabilities in the electrical and electronics industry.

Umspritzen von Einlegeteilen

With B&S injection molding technology, inserts can be reliably overmolded around complex components with thermoset or thermoplastic.

Werkzeugbau im Kunststoffspritzguss

We manufacture high-quality and custom molds for your field of application. You will benefit from B&S many years of expertise.

From the idea to the series production
of your thermoset moulded parts
How we process your request

Your request

Send us a request for your project using the contact form on this page.

Internal coordination

With the information from your request, we carry out a feasibility analysis. In doing so, we carefully check whether the project can be implemented technically, commercially and in terms of time.


After a positive evaluation of the manufacturability analysis, we will prepare a mold calculation and a checklist. We will then send you the offer.

Mold construction

Provided that the offer has been accepted, we start with the mold production.

Production of the samples

Once the required molds have been completed, we initiate the production of the samples in close consultation.

Start of serial production

As soon as quality assurance has approved the sample and it meets your expectations, we will begin the serial production.

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