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With Bernhardt & Schulte you have a reliable partner at your side in the field of plastic injection moulding. From the idea to the assembly to the demanding finishing work, we are at your side as a problem solver and contact partner.

Thanks to our many years of experience and our modern manufacturing technologies, we are able to successfully implement even the most demanding projects. We focus on quality, precision and reliability.

Thermoset and thermoplastic processing

Plastic injection moulding

Die Verarbeitung von rieselfähigen Duroplasten und diversen
Thermoplasten auf modernen Produktionseinrichtungen ist für B&S seit vielen Jahren Alltag.
Vom Kunden gewünschte Kleinserien als auch Großserien können flexibel mithilfe des Kunststoffspritzguss Verfahrens umgesetzt werden.

Thermoset processing

Thermoset is an incredibly lightweight material that can replace metal in particular in production. It is not only thermostable and dimensionally stable, but also inexpensive. By eliminating the need to rework thermoset, you also save yourself further costs.

Thermoplastic processing

In a growing number of industries, the use of thermoplastics has gained significance due to the increasing demand for the production of high-quality plastic products. The process of thermoplastic injection molding is undoubtedly one of the most popular methods of manufacturing plastic parts.

Overmolding of inserts

Overmolding of inserts has become common practice and is indispensable in today’s hybrid technology. With these special processes, for example, metal parts, semi-finished parts, cable ends, magnets and much more can be overmolded with plastic.

Rotary switch series, switching systems, assemblies

Rotary switch

Rotary switches from B&S solve many tasks in the electrical and electronic industry. Compact design, modest installation dimensions, a large number of contacts, as wide variety of circuits, extensive coupling options and connections to PCBs – these are just some of the advantages our series-built products offer „as standard“.

Units that leave our factory are fully assembled and tested. Naturally, they are also safely packaged. By the way, we produce our switches without cadmium in line with RoHS standards.

A perfect combination

Automation & assembly

In all areas of production we focus on high unit volumes and consistently high quality. Fully and partially automated workstations can be configured to meet the requirements of the customer products.

The link between modern automation and manual assembly is just one of the many strengths of B&S. Several decades of experience in the production of molded parts and assembles had led us to pole position in this market segment.

A perfect product needs a perfect tool

Tool and mold

We design and build highly complicated molds for the production of complex injection molded parts.

The work on the designs for mold production is carried out on the latest CAD/CAM systems at Bernhardt & Schulte.

In close consultation with our customers we build complex molds for injection molded parts – both to meet our own production requirements and for customer projects that are implemented in their own production systems.

This involves the use of precision metal working machines and the development of standards that reflect the latest developments in mold construction technology. This result in complex molds for the effective processing of thermosets and thermoplastics.

Management system

We are certified

Products that carry our name really work. That‘s because they
are innovative, safe to work with and long-lasting. They are
tested for the highest quality. This is the yardstick by which
we measure ourselves.

We are happy to provide evidence of
this with:
DIN EN-ISO 9001 certification

Moving your Product from prototype to production
How we process your request

Your request

Send us a request for your project using the contact form on this page.

Internal coordination

With the information from your request, we carry out a feasibility analysis. In doing so, we carefully check whether the project can be implemented technically, commercially and in terms of time.


After a positive evaluation of the manufacturability analysis, we will prepare a mold calculation and a checklist. We will then send you the offer.

Mold construction

Provided that the offer has been accepted, we start with the mold production.

Production of the samples

Once the required molds have been completed, we initiate the production of the samples in close consultation.

Start of serial production

As soon as quality assurance has approved the sample and it meets your expectations, we will begin the serial production.

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