Individual automationmanual assembly

In all areas of production we focus on high unit volumes and consistently high quality. Fully and partially automated workstations can be configured to meet the requirements of the customer products.

In order to make production even more effective and cost-efficient, we build a large part of our production systems and molds ourselves or optimize them in line with our customers‘ requirements.

A partly internally developed production system has an 8-cavity mold and an 8-cavity hot runner distribution system. We use this to produce switch covers for starter relays, among other things. These are used in start/stop starters in cars and help reduce CO2 emissions.

In cases in which the automation of production is not a viable choice, we can also produce parts at high speed and in top quality.

The link between modern automation and manual assembly is just one of the many strengths of B&S. Several decades of experience in the production of molded parts and assembles had led us to pole position in this market segment.