Built-in rotary switch series 4000

Once again, B&S provides proof of its expertise and flexibility in the devolpment and manufacture of practical, built-in switches. The renowed range of Bernhardt & Schulte rotary switches is now expanded by the new Series 4000 whose most outstanding feature is its compact design, making it suitable for applications requiring minimum depth. Up to 9 contacts are available in several basic types, with and without angular stop. The terminal layout in Rast 10 style with tab terminals 6,3 x 08, DIN 46244, makes it possible to use connectors with insulation displacement technology in applications of 250 V AC, 16(5)A; 400 V AC, 10(2,5)A; T 150; PTI 250 V. Optional mountings for the thermostat, energy regulators or bit generator are available.