Your vision, our expertise.

Contract Manufacturing

Innovative technology meets expertise in contract manufacturing. From filigree parts to robust mechanical components – your ideas are realized by us in the highest quality.


Through our own mold construction, we develop, design and realize your ideas.


In case of special regulations or market changes, we are able to quickly intervene in the production process.

Quality assurance

Individualised hardware and software testing systems ensure the quality of every single product.

Precise - Flexible - Versatile

Our contract manufacturing scales with your requirements

In contract manufacturing, we at B&S combine years of experience with the latest technology.

Thanks to the latest CNC technology, we fulfill the highest accuracy demands.

  • Our machines are equipped with the latest technology to master the finest details.
  • Whether it’s complex geometries or delicate structures, we precisely implement your design specifications.

Whether metal or plastic: Our expertise ensures that each material is processed with the utmost care and know-how.

Through optimized processes, we offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality.

  • Our advanced technology, combined with efficient workflows, ensures an excellent cost-performance ratio.
  • Save on costs without sacrificing quality or precision.

production capacities enable short lead times, even for large orders.

  • Time-sensitive projects are in good hands with us, thanks to efficient planning and process management.
  • Trust us to deliver your projects on schedule and with the highest quality.

Our team has years of experience and ensures that your parts meet the specifications.

  • Each of our employees is well-trained and brings their expertise to every project.
  • At our company, craftsmanship, knowledge, and passion come together to achieve the best possible results.

Continuous monitoring and control ensure consistently high quality.

  • State-of-the-art measuring and testing technology accompanies the entire production process.
  • For us, quality is not just on paper, but is lived and monitored at every step.


Our team of experts translates your ideas into precise construction plans with attention to detail.

CNC Milling

Experience flawless precision and efficient machining with our CNC milling machines.

CNC Die Sinking

Utilize our die-sinking EDM technology to produce complex components.

CNC Wire Eroding

Rely on the finest cuts and highest attention to detail on every project.

Your advantages of contract manufacturing

Why contract manufacturing is the right choice for your company

Take advantage of contract manufacturing to integrate flexibility, efficiency and specialization into your production.

Innovative. Efficient. Precise.

Premium machinery ensuring reliable contract manufacturin



5 Axis

Deckel dmu 40 eVo with 12-fold pallet changer
Axis-travel (X/Y/Z): 400 x 400 x 375 (mm)
Work table load capacity: 250 kg
• Mazak CV5-500
Axis-travel (X/Y/Z): 730 x 450 x 470 (mm)
Work table load capacity: 200 kg

3 Axis

• Wemas VZ 1000
Axis-travel (X/Y/Z): 1016 x 610 x 660 (mm)
Work table load capacity: 700 kg


• Deckel dmc 635V
Axis-travel (X/Y/Z): 635 x 510 x 460 (mm)

Work table load capacity: 400 kg

Electroerosion Drill/
Wire eroding

(In cooperation with NMB Neu Metallbearbeitung)

• Start hole drilling machine Drilling BMD703-400

Axis-travel (X/Y/Z): 400 x 300 x 300 (mm)
Max. workpiece size: 450 x 300 x 300 (mm)
Max. drilling depth: 300 mm
Work table load capacity: 300 kg

• Wire erosion machine Sodick VL 600 Q
Axis-travel (X/Y/Z): 600 x 400 x 270 (mm)
Max. workpiece size: 800 x 700 x 250 (mm)
Work table load capacity: 700 kg

Die sinking

• OPS Ingersoll Gantry Eagle 800 with 30-fold electrode changer

Axis-travel (X/Y/Z): 500 x 850 x 450 (mm)
Work table load capacity: 2000 kg
Top load: 200 kg

Coordinate measuring

• Wenzel LH 65

Measuring range (X/Y/Z): 650 x 1000 x 500 (mm)
Work table load capacity: 500 kg

(Further conventional machines available)

The basis of every component: Design

CAD/CAM Solutions: Where precision meets excellence

Rely on our extensive design experience to realize demanding designs and ensure top-notch implementation.

CAD Anlasserdeckel

CNC contract manufacturing: Milling

Precision down to the detail with the latest CNC milling technology

Leverage the benefits of our advanced CNC milling technology with specialized 5-axis and 3-axis machining.

CNC Contract Manufacturing: Die Sinking

Perfection down to the final spark

With our modern die-sinking EDM machines, we achieve perfect results for a wide range of electrically conductive materials of varying degrees of hardness.

Draht- und Startlochbohrmaschine

Contract Manufacturing: Wire Eroding

Consistent precision, whether big or small

In collaboration with our partnership, we provide you with top-tier wire EDM solutions. This unique cooperation grants us unparalleled flexibility, ensuring impeccable execution of individual requirements.

Our injection molding services

From the idea to production, we at Bernhardt & Schulte are the sole contact for your series production with the help of plastic injection molding. Through our in-house mold construction, we have the possibility to intervene in production processes as quickly as possible.


For required complex functions, B&S manufactures technical plastic molded parts using the injection molding process for every industry sector.


To solve many tasks in the electrical and electronics industry, we create individual switching systems according to your requirements.

Umspritzen von Einlegeteilen

With B&S injection molding technology, inserts can be reliably overmolded around complex components with thermoset or thermoplastic.


Tool and mold making

We manufacture high quality and individual tools and molds for your field of application. You benefit from the many years of expertise of B&S