Plastic injection molding with thermoplastics and thermosets

The processing of stable thermosets and highly resilient thermoplastics with the latest production technology has been standard practice for B&S for many years. These materials are frequently used when it comes to the production of device switches and for automotive applications.
That‘s why we have developed an advanced process in which parts made from thermosets can be overmolded with thermoplastic. The result is extremely robust and stable parts with a temperature-resistant shell.
A partly internally developed production system has an 8-cavity mold and an 8-cavity hot runner distribution system. We use this to produce switch covers for starter relays, among other things. These are used in start/stop starters in cars and help reduce CO2 emissions.


Our strengths also include the tempering of components. This artificial aging process provides an additional assurance of the quality and stability of molded parts (or their connections).


Burr is completely removed in mechanical post-processing of thermoset products. This produces perfect molded parts or assemblies that have proven themselves in everyday practice. Our expertise also includes thermal post-processing and component printing.